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The5 Chefs and Menu


The5 will provide 5 top-class culinary courses again this year. More information about the individual dishes will be announced soon.

by Rebecca Clopath

This immersive gourmet journey begins with a brilliant performance by natural chef Rebecca Clopath from the Taratsch organic farm in Lohn, Grisons. The two-time junior world champion chef, farmer and author is bursting with energy and is without question one of the most exciting figures in the Swiss culinary world at the moment.

For our first course, she combines pickled trout with caramelised celery puree, juniper crunch and onion pickles. Celery stalks, finger limes, dill and lemon balm perfectly complement the flavour spectrum of the first course. The dish is decorated with blueberries.
In the plant-based version a pickled parsnip, which is accompanied by a hemp-celery puree, mesmerizes the taste buds.

by Heiko Nieder

We continue with the straightforward local favourite Heiko Nieder from The Restaurant at the Dolder Grand. With 19 GaultMillau points and two Michelin stars, the "Chef of the Year 2019" (GaultMillau) is Zurich's best-rated chef.

The centerpiece of Heiko Nieder's yellow course is the scallop. He combines the delicacy sophisticatedly way with yellow plum ragout and plum gelée and ensures the surprise effect with Aji Amarillo Gel and the infusion of Nespresso oil and Nespresso powder.
For his plant-based creation, he combines a salt-coated pumpkin with a pumpkin-saffron sauce, pickled pumpkin, meloncelle and cucumber vegetables.

by Mitja Birlo

The third COURSE is modern and fresh, just like Mitja Birlo's cuisine. Just one year after his promotion to chef at the Silver restaurant of the Vals luxury hotel "7132", his creations were awarded a second Michelin star – complementing the ambitious artist's 18 GaultMillau points.

His fresh creation in green captivates thanks to its complex flavour combinations. The focus is on a grilled lattice, which is served with lettuce puree and salad powder. Sea buckthorn gel brings acidity to the dish, which, combined with parsley oil and a selection of fresh herbs, creates an explosion of flavours. The green work of art is rounded off with a mustard vinaigrette and roasted enoki.

by Ana Roš

Watch out – here comes Ana Roš, "Best Chef in the World" 2017 and international superstar. Her impressive résumé includes two Michelin stars and her own episode in the Netflix series "Chef's Table". The Slovenian power-woman from Hiša Franko, one of the 40 best restaurants in the world, creates the 4th COURSE for The5.

The passionate chef combines roe buck entrecote with bee pollen garum, roasted turnip cabbage, grilled mushrooms and nasturtium. Pickled beetroot, chickweed and poached apple complement it nicely. Fermented gooseberries provide fruity freshness.
The central element of the plant-based version is a roasted beetroot served with pumpkin seed miso.

by Rolf Fliegauf

The down-to-earth 18-point man Rolf Fliegauf, formerly Europe's youngest 2-star chef and often described by critics as one of the greatest of his generation, provides the sweet finale in pink with an elaborate dessert creation. He is the founder and head chef of the Ecco restaurants in Ascona and St. Moritz.

He dazzles with an innovatively prepared variation of blackcurrant, which is served on a bed of roasted and caramelised quinoa. Yoghurt espuma, a baked malt branch, Atsina cress and wood sorrel complete the dish perfectly.
A fluffy, vegan chocolate cake is served on top of the roasted quinoa in the plant-based version and is wonderfully accompanied by the light acidity of a cassis glacé.

by Nespresso & Segantini

After the journey through the diverse colour spectrum comes the white - the union of all the individual colours. Nespresso presents a coffee experience to share. The combination of black gold and appropriately selected friandises forms another highlight of the evening and harmoniously rounds off the world of The5.




by Martel Weine

The provider of wine culture is Martel, a family business and one of the oldest wine shops in Switzerland. Carefully selected quality products on a par with the culinary creations of top chefs shape the optimal finish.

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