What is The5?

The5 combines culinary arts, visual arts and design in a unique event. Dive into the diverse, fascinating world of aromas, tastes and audiovisual sensory experiences. Enjoy culinary perfection - with all your senses - in the middle of Zurich's vibrant trendy district.

The5 combines five characters who could not be more different. Each one of them has brought the art of cooking to perfection and made themselves into a distinctive brand. Their common denominator is their love of select products and high-end cuisine.

Select winemakers and inspiring producers - all friends of the family around Zweifel wines - provide for the mediation of exclusive wine culture. The matching wine accompaniment is included in the price as well as the aperitif, mineral water, coffee, friandises and digestif. The menu can be enjoyed either in the "Classic" creation with meat/fish or as a vegan, gluten- and lactose-free "Plant-based" creation.