5-course dinner by The5

This year, The5 will once again present five one-of-a-kind culinary courses. Here you can find information about this year's star chefs and their fantastic creations.

1st Course

Silvia Manser

To kick off this year's culinary expedition, Silvia Manser takes us to her home, the Appenzellerland. The centerpiece of her 1st course is a roll of butternut squash, filled with Toggenburg ricotta. It is served on a bed of sweet and sour pumpkin cubes and colorful accents of cress and daisies. Pops of barley and a NESPRESSO coffee-orange dressing complete the light-footed ensemble of textures and flavors. For the plant-based version, Silvia Manser chose a cashew nut mousse to fill the pumpkin roll.


Menu Classic

oggenburger Ricotta | Chicory | Butternut Squash | Orange


Menu Plant-based

Cashew-Mousse | Chicory | Butternut Squash | Orange

2nd Course

Stefan Wiesner

For the next course, Stefan Wiesner lets us dive into the original world of flavors of Entlebuch’s natural landscape. An unexpected trio of gingerbread, sous-vide apple and cow sausage - served on apple wood - makes for an amazing taste experience as an "apple tree". The “apple tree” receives further nuances through charcoal mustard, salted apple blossoms and deep-fried apple leaves. The apple blossoms, by the way, were collected and salted by Stefan Wiesner during spring. The ash in the mustard comes from burnt apple wood. In the meatless version, an apple, who is being fermented for 6 weeks, takes the place of the cow sausage and makes the plant-based apple tree complete.


Menu Classic

Apple Tree | Cow Sausage | Charcoal Mustard | Gingerbread


Menu Plant-based

Apple Tree | Fermented Apple | Charcoal Mustard | Gingerbread

3rd Course

Patrick Mahler

The journey continues to Patrick Mahler at Lake Lucerne. His third course revolves around a pork belly sous-vide cooked for 12 to 14 hours, accompanied by roasted and marinated cabbage strips. More exciting flavor nuances are added with a miso espuma as well as radish slices marinated with sesame kimchi, underpinned by an umami stock. A miso espuma as well as radish slices marinated with sesame kimchi add further exciting flavor nuances underpinned by an umami stock. Arare and cress set refined highlights. For the plant-based version, the Swiss top chef decided to develop the creation around a black salsify, which is accompanied by almonds and a nashi pear in addition to the marinated cabbage. 


Menu Classic

Pork Belly | Cabbage | Miso | Umami Stock


Menu Plant-based

Black salsify | Cabbage | Almonds | Nashi Pear

4th Course

Cristina Bowerman

Cristina Bowerman, celebrity chef from Rome, is responsible for the 4th course: Her Sumac Lamb captivates with a kidney piece marinated with anchovies and mint. It is cooked sous-vide, topped with a touch of fried fennel herb. A red onion, cooked sous-vide in Amber beer, perfectly complements the tender lamb. Wafer-thin sweet potato chips with a selection of matching crèmes enrich the course in terms of color, flavor and textures. As a plant-based variation, Cristina Bowerman creates a tempeh with lentils, identically dressed with red onion and sweet potato chips.


Menu Classic

Sumac-Lamb | Tuberous Plants | Red Onion | Pecorino


Menu Plant-based

Lentil-Tempeh | Tuberous Plants | Red Onion

5th Course

René Frank

The brilliant finale lies in the hands of Berlin dessert-revolutionary René Frank. He composes caramelized Piedmont hazelnuts, light-as-air coconut mousse and a rice flour cookie into an exceedingly refined dome, which stands on a sweet foundation of carrot sponge cake and is surrounded by candied carrot cubes. The multi-faceted explosion of flavors - subtle yet defined - leaves you speechless, as it unfolds. Be excited! This course is plant-based for all guests.


Menu Classic & Menu Plant-based

Piedmont Hazelnuts | carotte | coconut mousse