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Frequently asked questions to The5

The5 FAQs

Is The5 barrier-free and wheelchair accessible?

All entrances are barrier-free and a wheelchair accessible toilet is available. To ensure that the required number of wheelchair places can be suitably arranged, please contact us in advance at welcome@the5.ch .


Are the celebrity chefs present in person?

The celebrity chefs appear as virtual hosts and lead diners via the 360° video projections through the evening. As a rule, they are not present in person.


Can individual courses be ordered as vegetarian options?

The 5-course menu can be ordered either in the “classic” version (with meat/fish) or in the “plant-based” version (vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free). Modifications to individual courses is not on offer.


Is the menu also available without the wine pairings?

The wine pairings are a firm component of the whole experience and are fixed in the price. Diners can choose to be served either regional wines (with alcohol) or beverages based on natural essences (alcohol-free).


Are last-minute changes from “classic” to “plant-based or from regional wine servings to alcohol-free natural essences (or reverse) possible?

As a rule, individual changes concerning menu or beverages can be accepted provided these are communicated in plenty of time and at the latest a week before your visit, via  welcome@the5.ch .


Are allergies catered for?

Please notify us of any allergies in plenty of time and at the latest a week before your visit, via  welcome@the5.ch .


Can (exclusive) group reservations be made?

Reservations from 10 persons can be made via welcome@the5.ch
Exclusive reservations are possible depending on the number of places available.


Can seats be reserved?

Seats are allocated upon entry of the reservations and cannot be selected.
Consideration is given to group reservations.


What is included in the price?

The price includes the all-round 360° experience with a 5-course menu, welcome drink, paired wines or beverages, mineral water, coffee, digestif and public transport ticket (ZVV zone 110).


Can other / additional drinks be ordered?

In addition to the paired wines or beverages, other drinks are offered (wine, champagne, beer, spirits, soft drinks). These are not included in the price and are charged separately.


How long does The5 last?

The 5-course diner lasts around four hours (7.00 pm to 11.00 pm). However, doors open at 6:30 pm. 


What happens at 11 pm?

At the end of the gastronomic tour, all diners will be escorted to the exit by their waiter or waitress in an organized form.


Are there enough parking spaces?

There is a limited number of public parking spaces in the immediate vicinity. However, you are recommended to travel to and from The5 by public transport. The premises are a two-minute walk from Zürich Hardbrücke rail station. A public transport ticket (ZVV zone 110) is included in the price.


Are protective measures planned?

A complete hygiene and protection concept is implemented on site, which goes beyond the minimum requirements of the authorities and is in harmony with the overall experience.


Can reservations be cancelled or changed?

In principle, reservations cannot be cancelled. A change of reservation depends on the number of places available.


What happens if The5 is postponed or cancelled?

Should The5 be postponed, the reservation retains its validity for the new date, even if the date falls in a new calendar year. In principle, reservation cannot be cancelled. Should the The5 be cancelled, our guests will receive an email informing them of the next step.