The5 - The Culinary Expedition for all Senses

Five star-chefs, five courses, one evening: From November 8 to December 18, 2022 you will embark on a unique gourmet journey in our The5-dome on Zurich's Gerold-Areal. 360-degree video projections will immerse you in the work of our star chefs, who will guide the event virtually.

About the Event

The5 combines culinary arts, visual arts and design in a unique event. Dive into the diverse, fascinating world of aromas, tastes and audiovisual sensory experiences.

About The5

The five star-chefs of The5 2022

Five stars of high-end gastronomy create the highlights of your culinary journey. With a total of 67 GaultMillau points and 8 Michelin stars, they stand for culinary expertise that is unique in this combination - and that can be experienced exclusively at The5.

Silvia Manser

Having practically grown up in the kitchen of her parents' restaurant, Silvia Manser has continued to live her family tradition and brought it to perfection. Her years of apprenticeship and travel took her from Appenzell via St. Moritz to Canada. Her home - Restaurant Truube in Gais - is one of today's best addresses in Eastern Switzerland.

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Stefan Wiesner

With his alchemistic natural cuisine, Stefan Wiesner, who is also known as the "Hexer from Entlebuch", has made a name for himself far beyond Switzerland. As a tireless collector of flavors, he repeatedly reveals his extraordinary flair for culinary experimentation.

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Patrick Mahler

As the newly appointed chef at the Park Hotel Vitznau, Patrick Mahler caused a sensation a few years ago. In the meantime, the "Rising Star of the Year 2019" is among the established top chefs in the country and inspires with his cuisine, which has its origins in the French tradition.

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Cristina Bowerman

Whoops, here comes Cristina Bowerman! With her unconventional background - lawyer, graphic designer, chef - the multi-talented Puglia-born star-chef foreshadows that she places little value on conventions and traditions.

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René Frank

René Frank has not only explored the boundaries of what is commonly understood as patisserie, but has redefined them. At his restaurant CODA in Berlin, he has been directing and staging his patisserie of the future since 2016. Before that, he spent more than 15 years traveling the globe.

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