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The5 sustainability concept - 100% climate neutral

The5 – the climate-friendly Swiss gourmet tour

Thanks to the support of our presenting partner, Nespresso, The5 is fully climate-neutral.

Emission-free tour to 5 Swiss celebrity chefs

Experience Switzerland with all your senses in one single evening – in the middle of the city, with no extra travel. This dinner spectacle takes private individuals and groups on a gastronomic and visual tour to five famous hosts representing five regions in Switzerland, against the 360° backdrop of video projections from each destination. The experience provides diners with a seamless fusion of real and digital – and is 100% climate-neutral.

Fully climate-neutral 5-course dinner thanks to our presenting partner, NESPRESSO.

We are proud to have been awarded the “climate-neutral” seal and do everything to keep our CO2 emissions as low as possible. Through our presenting partner, Nespresso, and our partner for climate action, ClimatePartner, we compensate emissions that cannot be avoided.

Native ingredients, free of additives

In conjunction with our catering partner Segantini and our regional suppliers we take the greatest care to use top ingredients from Switzerland that are free of additives.

Local delicatessen

Particular attention is paid to ensuring that only Swiss products from the region in question are used: whether this be salmon from Misox or mountain thyme picked exclusively for The5 in Valais. It is thanks to this local sourcing that we can keep our CO2 levels low.

Plant-based menu option

We are convinced that the age of excessive meat consumption is over. That's why it has always been clear to us since The5’s conception that we will offer a vegan version of the menu.  This stands on equal footing with the classic menu and is designed with the same passion by the 5 celebrity chefs.

Climate-friendly beverage selection

The wine and drink pairings from selected Swiss winemakers are picked with the utmost care by our partner, Zweifel Wines. By forgoing foreign wines, we not only support Swiss wine, but also keep supply routes short, thereby keeping wine-related CO2 emissions low.

Ecological and social sustainability were equally important criteria in the selection of our coffee partner and are we are proud to have gained Nespresso for this position. In 2003, Nespresso joined forces with the Rainforest Alliance to  form the AAA programme which improves the livelihoods of coffee farmers and their communities, helps implement sustainable farming practices, and brings farmers a range of guarantees: an above-average market price, training, and personal support from more than 450 agronomists as well as access to Rainforest Alliance certification.

100% eco-power

Sustainability forms not only a key part of our menu, but also of our energy concept. That is why we buy eco-power only, thereby promoting the production of renewable energy in Switzerland. All the energy bought by the entire Fred Tschanz Group bears the “naturemade star” certificate, the Swiss seal of approval for eco-power. Our energy comes from 100% renewable sources: in our case, Swiss hydroelectric power plants. These power plants fulfil strict environmental guidelines, ensuring that plants and animals around the plant are minimally affected and biodiversity is maintained.

Free travel to and from The5 with public transport

As a Zurich-based organisation, Fred Tschanz AG has long been strongly anchored in the city and appreciates the advantages of public transport now more than ever. This is what led to the legendary statement from founder Fred Tschanz: “We are there where the trams run”. It is important to us to give The5 diners the opportunity to travel by public transport free of charge within zone 110.

Interior design by Studio Sundaze & Ioannis Sochorakis.
Production by Girsberger 

The interior design concept and all furnishings are Swiss design. The customised items were designed by Studio Sundaze, a young Zurich creative agency, and produced by Girsberger AG in line with its quality and sustainability standards. In collaboration with our two partners, and partly by using remanufacturing methods, we succeeded in creating an interior that is socially and ecologically sustainable.

Energy-efficient pellet heating system

Pellet heating is energy-efficient, a model of ecological efficiency, and CO2 neutral. The5 sources its pellets from the Swiss timber industry. Our supplier guarantees that each year more wood is grown in their forests than is taken for producing the pellets.